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Corporate chair massage is affordable for any company to incorporate into their employee incentive package, without the interruption and inconvenience of even having to leave the office. It gives your employees immediate stress-relieving results!

Workplace massage is perfect for employee wellness programs/ health fairs, employee recognition and reward, corporate events, and holiday events.


Employees who perform repetitive motions throughout their workday such as typing, assembly line, or staring at a computer will benefit from chair massage.


Benefits of receiving corporate chair massage include the following:
• increase morale in the work place
• reduce stress which encourages relaxation and cooperation

• give your people a feeling of being acknowledged and appreciated
• improve job satisfaction


We will send 1 -3 highly trained and fully insured massage therapists to your office with portable massage chairs, available 6 days a week. Employees will receive a fully clothed 10-15 minute chair massage, designed to fit perfectly into their busy workday. Chair massage rates vary by time and number of employees, and price is tailored to the specific event. We work with your company’s HR department to determine frequency and payment.

Our experience in the chair massage and corporate wellness industry makes this program easy to set up, takes little to no time for your company to maintain, requires very minimal space and we do all the work for you! Healthy, productive, loyal employees are a very profitable asset to your company.

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